Maria Zlotnisky Testimonial 2011

DSC02969I am an attorney with the federal government and a mother of three children.  On January 19, 2011, I traveled to Haiti with “People for Haiti” for the second time.   My first trip was mostly spent in the orphanage organizing the medical supplies for future medical teams.   During this second trip, I got to be part of a medical clinic and work with a team of highly dedicated and thoughtful people from all walks of life (both medical and non-medical).   I also brought my 13-year old daughter who wanted to go to Haiti since she saw the photos and videos from my first trip.   From my previous trip, I knew the trip would be life-changing and safe so I was happy to bring my daughter with me.   Over a short five day trip, my daughter and I experienced moments that people are lucky to get over the course of a lifetime.  There were moments of team building where people with big hearts came together to work hard for a single common purpose.  Working as a team and facing many challenges as a team, created special friendships that will last a life-time.  There were also many moments of sadness in witnessing the desperate conditions of so many people in Haiti.  There were many more moments of sharing and joy.  The people in Haiti, especially the children, are extraordinarily loving.  It was such an experience to feel such warmth and gratitude from the children for just being there.  There were also many moments of heartbreak from witnessing so much suffering and disease; and moments of hope when (in many cases) our work provided comfort and healing.  There were times when I was so exhausted, I did not know how I was going to get the energy to keep up with the team, but those moments did not last.  Overall, I felt more energetic and youthful in Haiti then I normally feel.   On the flight home, I was already missing my new family in Haiti.   Upon my return home, I immediately reserved my spot on two more future trips.  My daughter wants to go back too.  I want to bring more family and friends with me on my next trip so they too, can experience what I have now; a more meaningful life.

Maria Zlotnisky

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