Gus Testimonial – March team

IMG_3306When you search the word hope on Wikipedia, it reads: Hope is the emotional state, the opposite of which is despair, which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.

It was my first-ever mission trip with People For Haiti, I witnessed a country in despair. As Leo & Guiga had told me — literally, unimaginable living conditions. However, what shocked me beyond seeing a country in complete despair, was the all-encompassing, singular notion of hope that is vivid and vibrant in the People of Haiti. Hope was all around, amidst the despair, and I was perplexed by just how deep-rooted ‘belief in a positive outcome’ is in Haitian society. I was re-energized over and over by this Haitian ‘positivity’.

At times, during the day-long clinics where we saw hundreds and hundreds of patients, it was crystal clear to see how medical care and attention brought by People for Haiti served as a catalyst for continued hope. At the orphanage, it was all about love — whether it was just from being around the children after a long day’s work to playing a game of soccer or listening to their soulful and spiritual choir singing. It was a-mazing, one of those things in life that is just straight-up positive, all good, no matterDSC02839 how you slice it.

I was humbled over and over by the experience. I got the ‘Haiti Fever’ that Leo coined. I loved it, like Guiga said I would. I will return — for sure! I feel fortunate to have been part of something so special, with an amazing group of people — thank you.

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