Guiga Christine and Dr. Lisa Testimonial

IMG_1580As Christine, Lisa and I are on the plane returning home, we tried to write a joint testimonial describing all the events that had happened during the past ten days in Haiti. By the time we were finished, it was such a crazy story, it sounded more like a movie script! We had two teams, going back to back and myself, (Guiga) and Christine were staying for both. This would be trips # 11 & 12, Christine’s # 4 & 5 and Lisa’s #4. Team # 1 during the first week was great… everything worked out the way that we planned. For me it was an special trip, since I had my husband, Leo, in the group plus I had both my brother in laws experience Haiti with us. Of the 14 people on the team, only 4 were “newbies”… so needless to say, the trip went very smoothly. The group knew the expectations, had fun, worked hard, and experienced some incredible moments together. At the end… like I always say… they ALL went back with the “Haiti bug”… and nothing makes more more happy!

We started the trip with a flat tire on the way to the orphanage, a lady with diabetic ketoacidosis that needed IV fluids, suturing a boy’s mouth from a soccer injury, a procedure on a boy’s finger and so on. But not at a single moment, did anyone panic… and the bonus was, we found another amazing translator to add to our PFH family: Smith!

We also had the opportunity to visit Edrix’s house. Edrix’s is the boy that makes the bracelets PFH sells. With the money he has earned, he isIMG_1447 building a house for his family. It was an honor to see his home and meet his family… what an special moment! After a long third day treating lots of patients, we were treated to a beautiful concert by the orphanage kids… all of us, in our PJ’s, surrounded by 52 kids, sitting on the floor, listening to the most amazing, beautiful concert… priceless. The room was filled with love, and inspiration. It was for sure: MY DREAM COME TRUE!!! My husband, my family, amazing friends and people and all my “Haitian” kids only missing my own kids to be totally perfect, surrounding me….

Sunday, Team one left and Christine and I stayed… we got to visit Elson’s house under construction, went up in the mountain with 22 energetic kids and went to watch a handicap soccer game with Mike, Bonnie and the older kids (and of course our king baby Leo)… needless to say, that Christine and I were the main attraction…. A 4-year girl came pointing to IMG_3314us and saying (very loudly) “blanc, blanc”…. It was hilarious!!!

Next morning went to the airport to meet the Team # 2…. A lot of Brazilians were arriving and I was anxious to meet all of them. To make it more special, my brother, Dr. Marcelo was also coming from Brazil.

This trip to Haiti for us was very different from previous trips for many reasons but one reason that stands out is that we were surrounded by more pregnant women and babies than ever before. Each of us are mothers so I think we will always remember and cherish the opportunity to witness a beautiful birth and rock newborns in need through the night. Our trip started with a call on our first night at 11pm that a woman was going to deliver soon and needed our help. We dropped everything, including a shower for one of us, and jumped in the truck. Two hours later, we helped bring a gorgeous baby girl into the world. I’m sure this baby would have come into the world without our assistance so for the family to look to us for help is an enormous honor. This amazing experience for us will not be forgotten.IMG_1661

Shortly after this miracle, we took turns through the night feeding a new precious baby brought to the orphanage one day earlier that were severely malnourished. A mother knows the feeling of looking into the eyes of a helpless, sweet baby at 2am and the fatigue tends to melt away. It seemed everyday of the trip, there was a baby in need; need of food, of rocking, of giving breathing medications every 2 hours through the night. By the end of this trip, we were exhausted but much more importantly, deeply touched by the little lives we were blessed to encounter. This experience has been a gift that PFH has given to me and one that you can share as well. If you have ever had the desire to help someone with no expectation in return, please join PFH and help those who need us.

IMG_1558Due to so many unexpected events, so many experiences that we experienced together, we (Guiga, Christine and Dr. Lisa) decided to write a “group testimonial”… and we hope you guys like it. Haiti… soon the “Haiti Triangle” (as Dr. Robert quickly nicknamed us for having one emergency after the other) will be back… and we would not change anything!! We love you Haiti!!

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