Gui Testimonial – March Team


Going to Haiti for the first time, I expected to see a country that I knew suffered from the effects of centuries of political and civil unrest, with dire socio-economic conditions bad enough to rank it as the poorest country in the Americas. Add to that a history of natural disasters, the latest of which being

the big earthquake that devastated the country 2 years ago and I knew I was going into an even more calamitous situation. All this was very blatant to me during the days I spent there, but what I didn’t expect at all, and which contributed to one of the biggest and most humbling learning experiences I’ve ever had, was the Haitian people’s spirit in light of these extreme conditions. Haitians are a happy, hopeful people and that contrast blew me away and put all my worries and fears in perspective, in a way that I don’t remember experiencing before.I saw how much we can stray from the real important things in life while we get caught in our daily routine and how we get confortable so easily, while our priorities get shifted. Also, how strong we can be in the most horrible scenarios and how much we can adapt. This mission trip showed meIMG_0051 of how good we can be as human beings and how much we can do for others with simple but powerful gestures, and that what we get back from it is so much more than what we give that it made me wonder why isn’t everybody doing the same thing all over the place all the time.

I went in expecting to come back sad and sort of depressed about the whole thing, but what happened was exactly the opposite. It was uplifting, inspiring and it filled me with hope, and I’ve rarely felt so connected to life, to people, to our planet and to a sense of purpose, so much so that I can’t wait to go back.

I can’t congratulate or thank you guys enough for what you do for people and for what you did for me. Such an incredible experience!

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