Dr. Pinkal’s Testimonial – March Trip

IMG_3200My third time to Haiti and my second with the People for Haiti…and there are still moments that make you stop and think how blessed we are. We do help alot of people on each trip, but the rewards we get in return are far more powerful. Seeing a newborn who doesn’t have a mother, or an orphan who does, or a healthy man that might have a life shortening disease is heartbreaking to say the least. Any bit of help we can give these people is appreciated by those who receive. But by giving, we are allowed to reflect on how fate has affected this entire country and how we are lucky to be in the position we are…not only that we do not suffer their devastation day to day, but the fact that we have been placed in a situation that allows us to be of benefit to our fellow man. Thanks People for Haiti for allowing me to experience this again.

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