Angela’s Testimonial – march Team

This was my first time doing a mission trip, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only things I knew about Haiti were limited to news briefs and second hand knowledge. I don’t think anything ever prepares you for something like this. I was assigned to triage, with just some basic medical knowledge from massage school, I was to assess medical care and get backgrounds and, weights on the babies, ect. There were so many people with rashes, sores, infections, malnutrition and dehydration amongst the more serious problems. It was a little overwhelming I’ll admit; yet there was strength of spirit and an air of proudness among them. These people, most of them living in nothing more than a shed or makeshift shelter, drink dirty water and live amongst their own garbage. Yet, these people were proud of their heritage and had been dealt a different hand in life than I, yet it easily could have been the opposite. They have very limited resources and very little education and just need some help, so educating is a key to their success.

Everyday after working at the clinic, we came back to the orphanage and were greeted by the kids lucky enough to be there. They were so excited to just get a hug, high five, or just a hand to hold. Many of them quickly learn your name and bring the drawings that they’ve been working on. These kids play with simple things that have been donated or found. They had so little in comparison to the kids I know, and yet they are grateful for everything! It really speaks volumes about the value of being grateful for everything! This experience really changed my perspective on what I think of a “bad” day. I look forward to future trips and I highly recommend the experience! Thank you People for Haiti for the great work you are doing, and the lesson in humanity. ONE LOVE!

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