We made it!

Hi everyone,

It is 11:45 pm in the USA… i finally got to sit here and post some news from our group!

We’ve been working until few minutes ago… everyone else is already in  bed and trying to catch some rest before our day tomorrow…. what can I say?????  there are so much to say, so much to TRY to put in words, …so you can understand… but there are no words to express everything that we’ve seen today!!

DSC_0008From the airport ride, getting to the immigration area…. getting our bags (yes, we got it all)… WHAT an experience…. I thought I’ve seen everything, everywhere… but no…. it was CRAZY… so I finally made some “friends” (after giving them $5) at the baggage claim area (yes, that was everything BUT a baggage claim!), a  Haitian helper and a Haitian police, so after almost 2hr we were able to get all the bags!  Trying to go from the airport exit to the transportation???!!!!  It was “funny”… Probably 100 degrees… everyone was “red”, sweating… but still excited! People trying to carry your bags, kids asking for money, for food…. oh my God… it was overwhelming!!  We had our translators (Herby and Stanley) and MIke (orphanage manager) waiting for us… and with them “BIG” (yes, he was big) who was responsible for our 20 luggages…we made to the truck!!

My brother (Marcelo), Ayden, Jim ,Michael and me were in the top of the truck… yes, in the top!!!  the rest of the team members were in

DSCN5023a van with Mike Snider… the 1st few minutes, you don’t know what to think… here you are in a top of a truck, looking around and seeing everything that you have watch on TV for this past 3 months…. kids on the road waiting with a big smile on their face… but, no shoes, no clothes, no house… nothing!!!

It was a long ride…. (yes, after 10 minutes riding in the top of the truck… I was wondering why I did not go in the van!??). We finally made to the orphanage… the kids… They are adorable… I have not (yet) being able to interact a lot with them because we have been upstairs getting ready for tomorrow…. They have another team from JBA here, and they were nice enough to cook us dinner and talk with our team about their experience!!  The support is great!!  The lodging is much more than I got in my past previous medical mission trips…. very simple but make you feel like  “home”….

IMG_3730Everyone is in bed… I’ve been trying to upload some pics… but it is taking forever… so I will try tomorrow again… I need to sleep and I think my “Advil PM” is kicking in…. tomorrow Dr. Marcelo (surgeon) and Dr. Michael (cardiologist/pulmonologist) will spend the day at a local hospital.  The rest of the team will run a medical clinic here in the orphanage area…. will keep you posted it!!

Thanks so much for keeping checking on us!!

More to come tomorrow!!

Good night!!


Ps: by the way… our team is awesome… everyone is getting along fine, and this trip promise to be awesome!!


Ps: please forgive all my grammar errors.. it is late, and noone around to review this!! 🙂

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