Packing and counting pills…..

Hi everyone… few more days, and we will be leaving to Haiti!!  I am so excited… can stop thinking of what we will see, experience… what can I do make their lives a little “easier”…. thousands and thousands of ideas!!  My mind will not stop!!!  As I sat down to count pills, packing, doing an inventory – I realize how HAPPY I am for doing this… it has been a while since I felt so “good” about myself!  Not too long ago, I was telling Leo that, even though I was very luck, had a wonderful family, great kids and husband, good health… I still felt an “emptiness” inside… and when all this happen, unexpectedly, People for Haiti was created, people start offering help from all kind of fields… when we need the money to pay for the medicine… I would come home, and a donation check was waiting for me!!  Things are all falling in place!

I am overhwhelmed by the amount of help that we are getting… not only from people donating $5 dollars or $500 dollars, but the constant email that I get everyday, offering to come and help with cou

nting pills, pac

king the bags, organize “baking sale”, running to get supply…. it is


It is now 3am… and here I am… my mind is going crazy!!  After the busy day on Tuesday, I think I was starting to feel “sick”… but nothing that a couple of “magical pills’ w

on’t take care… Have about 6 long/good hours of sleep, and feel ready to start all over again!  My family room is looking like a factory!  As a lot of you guys know, I am a “little” OCD (okay… a lot!)… have everything organize, lable with the medicine name and directio

ns in Creole, divided by the # of clinics…. etc!  A lot of work, but will be easier when we get there, and also, if this system helps…. will be easier in the next trips!!

Tom Launder and I are working together to have our website go LIVE before I go to Haiti… so I hope we can get it!!  It will be awesome… and again, thanks to Tom, who not only offer his service

to help us, but has been an outstanding work!!

Here are some pictures of us in my house getting ready for our next trip!!  And don’t forget… if you are interested in join our team, in the one of upcoming trips, June (7-12), August (16-21) and October… email me with your information!  I am already getting request for the June Trip!!  I hope, one day, you can experience what I am experience as the days approach for our trip!!

  1. Anitra
    Stay with this guys, you're helping a lot of poeple.

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