Yesterday we had our 1st meeting for our next trip in March… we had 5 of the 10 members together… and it looks like it will be an awesome team!!! Everyone is very excited and can not wait to get there… I will keep you all posted… today Leo and I went out, got a lot of the stuff we will need to separate the medicines, food… and Jim, Susan and Janet also went crazy on the dollar store…. look how many baby dolls, toys, flip flops, balls, matching cars… is incredible!!

The support that our community, friends and family are giving… it is overwhelmed!! I also left a list of meds that we will need at Target Pharmacy and CVS… will soon start purchasing those!! We will be busy the next few days, putting the medicine in small bags, organizing the bags, etc…. but the best of all… everyone is helping out…. This next weekend, we will be busy with our fundraiser on XL360 with the kids, Saturday we will be selling our shirts at SAMS door, and Sunday we have our Yoga Fundraiser… Uah!!!

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