Guiga’s Testimonial – January 12

Each trip has its unique and special moments.. This one was very special, to begin with, for having my step dad gong with me.  For this reason alone, having him on my side, experiencing all those moments on my side, I knew it was going to be an incredible experience… and it was!!!  Thanks “tio” for coming!!!  It was awesome!!

There were so many good, sad, happy moments – visiting the “Giving Hope” and seeing so many babies, some as small as 2-3 pounds…. it was incredible!!  But, I have to say, on this trip, “MY moment” was when, Dr. Robert and I went to do some “home visits” to 2 boys that were “normal” and recently had stopped walking and were acting “different”.  After driving for 1 hour, deeper and deeper into the mountains, we got to the 1st patient.  He was a 9 yr old boy, named Richele.  He was in his “home” (smaller than my bathroom) with his dad and his 12 yr old sister, wearing only a shirt.  His dad, grabbed him by his arm and brought him outside his “home” so Dr. Robert could examine him…. OMG!  He was full of dust and in a “squatting” position.  After asking many questions to dad… we found out that the boy stopped walking a few months ago.  He grinds his teeth very, very loud 24hrs a day.  He does not talk and acts like a 3 yr old boy.  At one point, I was holding him straight and Richele, very softly, touched my face – and at that moment, he looked inside of me…..   It was a hard moment… Later, I learned from Dr. Robert what his diagnoses was.  It was extremely frustrating toDay 4 - 11 know that he is the way he is because of the lack of vitamins in his body… something as simple as taking 1 vitamin a day, would’ve change his life….  Why?  Why??

We continue about 10 more minutes even deeper into the mountains… and found another boy… this one was 5 years old… he was “crawling” like a “monkey” with a blank stare… but interacting a little more…. Another case!!!!!

Here is my WHY I KEEP GOING BACK….. even though it was too late to reverse these boys’ diagnoses… I have to believe, that the little bags of vitamins we are giving to 500 kids each trip, will somehow prevent even 1 other kid from turn into another case like those boys!!  And for reasons like this… for hundreds of smiles, hugs, kisses….I will keep coming more and more!!  Thanks team, Mike and Bonnie, for another amazing trip!

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