Dr Ferreira In Haiti

“Just landed in Haiti. It is a disaster. Flying in, I could see pile after pile of crumpled building. It is so sad. My contact has already picked me up.” Lets keep him in our prayers!

Hello everyone,

This morning I had the pleasure to meet with a lawyer who helped me with ALL the paperwork… if anyone needs, please make sure to call Wayne Ekren at wayne@ekrenlaw.com< – he is awesome. Thanks Wayne. Now, in few days we will be able to file the application to our 501c3…

I also got a message from Dr. Ferreira, who is in Haiti at this time: “Good morning, Haiti. I’m the little orange tent. It seems like a quarter of the relief workers I have met so far have dysentery, intestinal infection causing diarrhea. Being such a germophobe, I have decided to live off bottled water and protein bars. Thank God we packed those. We are going to go over what meds we are going to take, package them, then leave on an hour or so for Delma 6, the tent city. Keep u posted.””We went to wrong place and just set up shop there. Saw about a 100 patients in 3 hours, some of them, I was the first doctor they had ever seen. Seeing the children is the most heartbreaking. Going to another spot now. Txt u soon”Here you will see more videos from Leo’s experience… will keep you all posted it… and remember: a good way to help is to show your friends our blog… go to www.peopleforhaiti.com Thanks so so much,

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