Dr Ferreira Day 3

Today at 1:46pm
“Slow today at this clinic. Here is why: a few months ago, a famous religious woman told the president of Haiti that if Haitians did not repent, a catastrophe would happen. Today is a 1 month after the earthquake and in an attempt to make atonement to God, the present has ordered a 3 days fasting and prayer”
My God! I am doing the pediatric clinic and a nurse rushes out saying a baby is about to be delivered and they can’t find the midwife. I walk in and all I see is scalp. Holy crap! Mom is pushing and I tell her to stop as I try to put on the first set of gloves I see. Naturally they are a size too small and mom doesn’t speak English so she doesn’t stop pushing. The head is delivered and I had no choice but to do the rest of the delivery with my left hand BARE!!! Baby and mom are well. “

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