Dr Ferreira Day 2

I just got this text from Dr. F… what a day…

What a day!!! The first patient I saw was a pregnant lady who was due Monday. She wanted me to see if I could hear the baby’s heartbeat. I found it & she thanked me. I was about to start on next patient when they told me her water broke Monday as well. I was like “say that again?”. Once the water breaks u have 24 hours to get the baby out or the risk of fatal infection to mom & baby is very high. I had no choice but to induce labor & start IV antibiotics. Something I haven’t done in 11 years. After 3 hours on max dose of induction medicine, she wasn’t dilating. Baby needed to be delivered. We packed her into our truck with IV drip going & headed to the hospital. On our way our truck broke down in the middle of the street. Not good. We flagged down a Unite
d Nations van & driver spoke no English. We pointed to the pregnant lady with me holding up IV. She took one look & waved us in. When we got to the hospital, I found a surgeon to do c-section, but they had no one to do the neonatal resuscitation. I told them I would do it. Again, haven’t done it in 11 years, but there was no one else to do it. They delivered the baby & baby came out limp. Not good. I did the resuscitation and, thank God, baby perked up. Mom & baby are doing well. On the way back, our team picked us up with 2 1/2 year old girl with pneumonia in respiratory distress. Back to the same hospital who TURNED US AWAY! We drove to another hospital & they accepted her. Now back at camp. I have never looked forward to cold shower more than tonight!!
The attitude and resolve of the relief workers here is amazing. It is really a privilege to work along side them. For those of you reading this on the blog, please open your hearts and donate. Even ten dollars can treat 7-8 children who have intestinal infection, scabies or upper respiratory infections. ANY amount that is donated can improve the lives of the people here. Many of them have, literally, one outfit of clothes and will wake up this morning knowing they will not have enough water to get through the day. All the doctors in the world cannot make a difference without supplies and donations. Thank u in advance and God bless. Txt u soon.********************

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