April team updates

IMG_0001 Hi everyone,

Hope you are all okay!  The internet connection here is not very good… this is why is taking me so long toIMG_2758 send updates… I am so sorry!

After 29 bags checked in, we were ready to go!!!  Everyone in the team was excited and anxious!!

We got to Haiti on Wed with 3 hours delay bc of airplane problem… but, like we always say, patience is the number one requirement when traveling to Haiti…. BIG (the guy at the airport) was waiting for us with his PFH shirt… and more and more people are recognizing us!!!  We made it to the orphanage and all the kids were excited to see us…. My “big boy” Keles (and other kids) have IMG_0132 chicken pox… poor baby!!IMG_0132   You can see him in this picture, with a cream to help the “bumps”!!!

On Wednesday, the doctors got to see about 50 kids here in the orphanage…. Dr. Lonnie and Dr. Dillip did a great job putting together our new cabinet… and Anthony (AA) and Jody were busy taping everything… and me, Wendy, Meredith, and Tammy organized the meds and got ready for our 1st clinic!

Baby Leonel is walking… OMG… that baby is soooooooooo cute….. we are trying to keep him upstairs and prevent him from getting chicken pox since there is not way we can “isolate” the kids that have it now…

IMG_0045 Yesterday our plan was to go to PAP Orphanage (Good Samaritan)… it was awesome to see all the kids dressed and ready to see us with the clothes we donated last time…. they were excited when they saw that we had 7 extra bags with clothes…. We had about 100 kids sitting in a small waiting room, so well-behaved and ready to see the doctors.. so unbelievable!!!  Thanks to everyone that donated clothes… for sure, they all loved it!!

We were there for about 3 hours seeing about 200 patients… at one point, a 14 year old named Clifford approached Lydia and started to speak in Spanish…. he was unbelievable… he started to explained that he speaks Spanish, French and Creole and he was looking for a sponsor to help pay for his school ($200/year) so he could graduate, learn English and “be” someone in life!  He was so well-spoken that he made a awesome impression on a lot of us… but specially on Dr. Lonnie… who approached me and said he was interested in sponsoring this boy… I made arrangements to go to his house… we met with his mom, 4 brothers (17, 16, 10, 5) and his sister (16)… it was unbelievable to see the excitement on their IMG_0111 faces, when we told them that Dr. Lonnie was going to sponsor his studies…. while there, Lydia fell in love with Christopher (the 5 yrs) and decided to be his sponsor too….. when I say that in Haiti a “child/or family” will “find you”…. people don’t understand.  PFH will make all the arrangements to send the necessary funds to send this 2 kids to school… and hope they will have a  better future!!  For sure, this family felt they won the lottery!!  Our clinic saw 200 patients and at the end of the day, as always… everyone had a smile on their face!!

Another very cool thing to see was the expression on the kids face, when we gave them the recycle toys that was donated to us by a lady from Brazil… the kids LOVED the toys… thanks again!!!

IMG_2766 We decided the come back earlier, considering it took us 2 hours on the way there due to truck problems… and I am glad we did… bc guess what?  Truck broke again…. and we had to get a local taxi, called “tap tap”… what an adventure… 15 of us, in a physical space for 6… LOL… we made it back to the orphanage and spent a couple of hours cleaning and organizing our new “PFH Clinic room”….

I have to go now… will try to update more pics later… but today is the 1st time I was able to get good connection…. It has been awesome have a “TV crew” with us… cannot wait to see their videos and try to show you more … what happens in Haiti!!

Team is getting ready to go to Herby’s Village for another clinic day… and after this, we will go visit Patricia’s house… so stay tuned for more excitement from Haiti!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


IMG_2776 Hi again everyone,

I tried to send the previous update earlier today before we left, but as always, the internet connection was unavailable by the time I tried… so you are getting all at once!!  We  went to Herby’s village… it was amazing to see the amount of people that were waiting for us… we broke our record …. we saw 578 patients!!  Unbelievable…. at one point I had to get Nic (our driver and also my body guard) to go out with me and do some “crowd control”…. people were getting worried that they might not be able to see a doctor… once I guaranteed that we were going to see everyone, as long as they stayed IMG_0043 organized… they were okay!!

I took our “crew” to Patricia’s house… it was amazing…. to see “my Haitian family”… they built an “addition” to their “house” and at least now, they don’t have to sleep in the kitchen floor…. I can not wait to see the video!!!

Everyone was exhausted after this long day… but as always…. happy and overwhelmed by this entire experience!!!  Dinner was ready and waiting for us when we got back (thanks Bonnie- pasta was great),…. had a shower, and a good group talk….

Just came back from downstairs… played with the kids, hugged Keles (still pretty bad chicken pox) and organized our meds for clinic tomorrow!!

Going to bed…. good night everyone!!  Another successful trip!!

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