Willy’s Testimonial – January 12

Day 4 - 05As a Guiga’s stepfather, I have been following the activities of PFH since the beginning of its efforts after the earthquake of 2010.  I must admit, that I was very proud of her.  I was presented with the opportunity to join the group, so I decided to give a little part of my time to help this amazing organization do the job it has been doing for the past 2 years.

One of my first impressions was to confirm that all the team members really are doing this job with the sincere purpose to help other people that needs help and love from persons that had the luck to be born in a place that gave them the opportunity to have a better life. And these team members are making things happen. As everything was new for me, arriving at the orphanage I also felt very proud as I realized that I also was helping to do something to other people, simply giving some attention to all this kids. I also found out that these kids were well maintained in their basic needs as well as in their behavior. In the next three days, I followed the team clinic work as a member of the team, and had the opportunity to appreciate the efficiency that was achieved by this organization. As the team members are donating their time, it’s nice to see that theyDay 2 - 13 are doing this in the most efficient way possible, allowing them to give more attention to as many people as possible. As I heard from other team members, this efficiency is improving, that shows the team members and the leaders of PFH are doing a good job. Unfortunately I also had the opportunity to be present in a clinic in the mountains, where we found out about 2 cases of irreversible diseases in two boys due to the simple reason of the lack of food and basic nutrients. On the other hand, I also visited another orphanage for babies, where we found very good conditions for the babies and children they care for.

This mission really touched me very deeply, and made me re-evaluate some of my thoughts. I would like to join PFH on other trips, if the opportunity appears and if my help is needed. Congratulations to PFH and all the team members. You are making the difference!

Willy Pungs, January, 2012

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