Steve’s Testimonial – November Team

How do you put Haiti in to words? This feels like my fiftieth attempt to write about my experience. Driving home from the Tampa airport I tried to explain to my brother about what I saw, smelled, and experienced. I talked about the tent cities, the burning piles of trash, and how awesome it was providing a much-needed service for truly grateful people. However, I kept coming back to the overwhelmingly positive attitude that the people shared in the face of so much devastation. It is so easy for us back in the states to get bogged down by trivial matters, and Haiti was a fresh reminder to me, and I am sure the whole team, to not to lose focus on the truly important things in life, family and friends. When I landed in Haiti I was focused on the destruction, but when I left I was filled with the belief and hope that the people of Haiti will continue to fight on and provide a better life for the generations to come. This experience has been one of the coolest things that I have ever done. I know that I will never be the same person. I want to thank Mike and Bonnie for hosting us; you guys do a tremendous job and are doing remarkable work. Thanks to Herby, Stanley, and all the other translators for working with us, without you we would be lost, and for playing soccer with us, a memory I will cherish forever. Also thanks to Dr. Leo, Dr. Rob, Dr. Lonnie, Tammy, Dr. Mike, Christian, Kris, Kristen, Jennell, Lydia, Christine, and Betty for making this trip special. I could not imagine the trip without any of you guys.

Thank you all for the experience of a lifetime,


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