Lydia’s Testimonial (April team)

IMG_0128_2I am a retired licensed Practical nurse.

I have been in different places in the world with other missionary groups.

As our plane descends, I am thinking about the poverty beyond anything that I have personally seen.  About seeing the children at the orphanage. I am always happy to be with them, to hug them, they smile and greet us with open arms.  It gives me joy to see them.

This was my 3rd trip to Haiti.  These trips have been the highlight of my missionary work.  As I see it, the need for medical care is urgent.

They trust us and their faith sustains them.  We love them!

I salute the younger mothers who were on this trip.  They were willing to leave their young children at home and love the orphanage children as their own.  Their contribution is immense.P1000936

What can I say about the doctors?  They are the best of the the best. They contribute emotionally and financially.  Without them, we could not go to Haiti.

It’s a must to mention the founders of People for Haiti.  Our leader Guiga, Dr. Leo and Dr. Robert.

I am the proud mother of Dr. Robert. It has been our dream to go on missions together. I have done 3 with him in Haiti and counting.  We are signed up for 3 more trips!

As our plane lands in Tampa, I am glad to be home and I already miss the kids in Haiti.


Lydia Borges, RN

  1. Guiga
    Lydia... there are no words to describe how much I admire you... you are such an amazing lady!! It has been our pleasure to have you with us in some many trips, and many to come!! You are such an asset.... hope to be like you when I am in my 40's... (long time still :) LOL

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