Jill White’s Testimonial – September 11 Trip

DSC05547I can’t tell you how many times I started and deleted this testimonial.

It is very hard to put into words the many emotions that I feel when I go to Haiti. The feelings are so big, and yet the words I type seem so small in comparison.

There’s the joy I feel in seeing the children as we pull into the orphanage on that first day and each day after our clinics. I don’t know who’s happier to see who! They may be lacking in the creature comforts that we take for granted and think are so necessary and important to our lives. But they are abundant in the love that they feel for one another.

There’s the amazement at how far they will travel on foot, horse, or tap-tap and then wait patiently in the heat of the day for hours to see a doctor. There are no air conditioned waiting rooms here. There’s the respect and admiration I feel for all of our translators. That show up every morning with a smile on their face. They work tirelessly translating from Creole to English the aches and pains of the patients to the triage and doctors and then the doctors’ diagnosis from English to Creole back to the patients.IMG_9667

There’s the happiness and humbleness I feel hearing the children in the orphanage sing their nightly prayers. There’s the honor I feel when given the opportunity to help them get dressed for church on Sunday morning.

There’s the sadness in saying “goodbye”.There’s the anticipation in knowing that I will be back to experience it all again in January.

My effect on the people of Haiti is merely a fraction of the effect they have on me. My life will never be the same. We should all strive to lose our sense of entitlement and gain such grace as the Haitian people.

  1. Karen Kerns
    Wonderful testimonital Jill! You are an angel along with everyone else involved with People for Haiti!

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