Jill White’s Testimonial – January 12

Day 4 - 10This was my third medical mission trip to Haiti with PFH in a year. No, I am not a doctor or a nurse but I am someone who cares about the people of Haiti.

We usually see more than 1,000 patients over three days. The doctor’s working tirelessly with the translators to diagnose illnesses that here in the states could easily be treated with a trip to the local drug store. Unfortunately, the people of Haiti don’t have that luxury. Tylenol, Motrin, and antibiotics are given to those that need it. We give out a months supply of children’s and adult vitamins to as many as we can.  And while what we do in the short amount of time that we are there is nothing short of a miracle, it is but a drop in the bucket of need in Haiti. But, if every time we go back we are adding more drops to that bucket, eventually it will overflow.

And so, I keep going back to Haiti adding my drops to that bucket…..

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