Guiga Vieira Testimonial 2011

IMG_5427Today I feel different… I feel like I want to scream so loud, and let everyone know how happy I am… I am exploding with happiness!!!  Today, my baby girl is turning 7 years old… and to think that 1 year ago, I was going crazy organizing Leo’s 1st trip to Haiti…  and look where we are now!!!  Look how many wonderful people got involved and helped… I got the chance to meet so many amazing people that share the most important thing in life:  the desire to help the others!!

Every time I get an email or a phone call from someone offering to help… either through donations, counting pills, or joining our mission teams… I cry!!!  I was actually laughing and saying I’ve been crying so much recently that soon I will need to have a fundraiser to go “fix” the happy tear induced wrinkles around my eyes… ha ha ha!!!  And you know what???  I don’t mind!  I hope I continue to cry because they are tears of joy… tears of happiness!

I just came back from Haiti Sunday with the January mission team, and I already have a FULL team ready to go back in April… this is unbelievable!!  And the best part of all for me is that feeling that I HAVE to go back… and it’s not like you have to twist my arm to go!  I’ve tried to explain to many of you what I feel when I am there… it is like I am complete!  I have a wonderful, healthy family, and could not ask for anything else…. but People For Haiti became my “medicine”… my balance… my life!!!  The feeling that you get when someone smiles at you after you give them a medicine bag of simply 14 Tylenol is priceless!  The hugs you get from the adorable kids when you getIMG_1245 out of the van… the little and dirty hands begging you to hold them… these moments with these people, these children, are as close as you come to experiencing “pure love”

And you know what keeps me going?  Reading the testimonials of people that went with us on our missions and seeing that they also “got it”… I like to call it the “mission bug”… if you “get it”… forget it… you will ALWAYS want to go back… no matter how primitive, how dirty, how tired and hungry you were…. you will feel that you NEED to go back…and like me you HAVE to go back… you need that “medicine”… that “pure love” to continue living a complete life!!!

I got this “bug” in me many years ago when Leo and I got the chance to do some medical mission trips to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.  We always thought about going back to help people in need and thought we would wait for our kids to get older so they could go with us…. well, we learned that life has its own way!!!  I never imagined that today I would be here, writing this testimonial … trying to make you understand how happy I am… how proud I am of EVERYONE that belongs to PFH…. After 1 year, we managed to still keep Haiti alive in all these peoples minds… we kept the “bug” going… and EVERY DAY, PFH gets bigger and bigger…. there simply is no amount of money that could ever make me feel this way!

IMG_0158 It would take forever for me to tell you about all of the special people that touched my heart while in Haiti.  As a lot of you know, I have “my big boy Keles” over there…. and Patricia and her family that I sponsor…  and all the translators, orphanage kids, Mike and Bonnie… they are my Haitian family!!  They are the ones that make me appreciate every little thing that I am fortunate enough to have.  They make me understand that all the hours put into PFH are worth every minute of the time devoted!

Ok, I think I will stop here.  I just really wanted to thank you all and encourage you to join one of our teams… for more reasons that I am able to explain… for more reasons than you can read in all the testimonials… there are no pictures, videos or texts that will ever be able to make you feel the “pure love” that you will feel when you experience the power of Haiti!  There is NOTHING better than help someone else!!!!

As PFH grows and we add more trips, I hope many more people continue to join our PFH family… everyone is welcome!  All you need is the willingness to give… to give a smile … to give a hug… to give love!

I especially want to thank my kids and my best friend and the love of my life, Leo!!!  We started this together… and together we are accomplishing our dream!!  Leo, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there with me…

Thanks to everyone for everything you have done, and continue to do… without each one of you, People For Haiti would not be the growing success that it is today!!!IMG_0086


Guiga Vieira

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