Jill White Testimonial 2011


Imagine 3 doctors, 1 nurse and 7 others from different walks of life joined together to make up the People for Haiti January team….Imagine seeing 1075 patients in 3 days…..Imagine a young boy near death carried (who knows how far) to the clinic on the mountain in his grandfather’s arms diagnosed with possible meningitis……Imagine children as young as 7, sometimes with younger siblings in tow, coming to see the doctors all by themselves…..Imagine not having running water, indoor plumbing or electricity…..Imagine waking each day with the need to help your family survive just one more day by finding clean water and food…..Imagine playing, bathing, and doing laundry in polluted water right next to a pig, or a cow or a horse…..Imagine being 6 months pregnant in early labor walking, again who knows how far, to find a doctor; having to deliver aIMG_1440 stillborn on top of a picnic table, nothing for the pain; then an hour later having to walk back home empty handed…..Imagine a small child with a skin infection so bad his ear was detaching; not a tear shed by the child…..Imagine most of the tears shed on this trip were done so by the team there to help…..Imagine runny nosed barely dressed children with big brown eyes that want nothing more than to be held and loved…..Imagine them stealing your heart before you know it!……Imagine people who have nothing to give in return but their beautiful smile, their respect, their prayers and their thanks for your help…..Imagine being able to say that you helped make a difference…..Imagine looking forward to doing it all over again……Imagine joining People for Haiti…..Imagine……

Jill White

  1. Jody Hill
    What an amazing testimonial! You are an amazing woman and you DID make a difference! You are an inspiration to us all!

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