Elaine Testimonial 2011

IMG_0026I am 12 years old student in seventh grade at the Academy at the Lakes, in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.  While my mom was in Haiti last year, I was able to Skype with two teenage girls that live at the orphanage.  From then on I wanted to go to Haiti. This past January, my wish came true.  My mom and I traveled with three doctors and six other people. During the medical clinics, I was asked to help out with crowd control, weighing the children before seeing the doctors, and a variety of other tasks.  It was a great feeling to help so many people get medical care.  There  were many sick people and it I felt like I made a difference in many peoples lives.

My experiences at the orphanage were amazing. I was able to spend time with kids that always have smiles on their faces and are always loving andIMG_6268 caring for one another.  For example, one morning at the orphanage, I went downstairs to spend time with the children and I noticed a child who was about four years old had a candy cane in his hand and there was another child who was about three years old who wanted some. Without encouragement from anyone, the four year old took a bite of his candy cane and then gave the other child a bite until it was finished. Then I saw the same boy split his sandwich in half and share it with the younger child.  All the children at the orphanage act this way.  No one needs to teach the children that it is important to share.  They already know how important it is. It’s amazing to me that children with so little care so much for each other and freely share everything they have.  I will always remember this trip. It was a life-changing experience.


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