Guiga’s Testimonial (April team)

IMG_0067What can I say that has not already been said??  People for Haiti is a huge part of my life… and to watch how much it has grown.. is overwhelming!  This is a dream come true… having more trips per year, more people that come back and tell me “it did change my life – I want to go back!”…. is too much happiness!!  Each team is a special one.. watching people experience these trips, is unbelievable!!  I hope I can continue to bring teams to Haiti forever… when I get back, I am happy to see my kids, my husband, my dog… be at my house, etc…. but I already start the count down to go back!!!  One of the team members asked me how can I adjust so fast, when we get back… BECAUSE I KNOW I WILL BE BACK THERE IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!  Helping those people does more good in me, then anyone else!!  Thanks so so so much for all the team members for their hard work, for experiencing this with me, for trusting PFH while you were there… and welcome to the People For Haiti family…this is forever!!  Love you all,

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