Guiga Vieira’s Testimonial – Haiti Thanksgiving 2011

Image 5“Really?  You won’t mind if I go?”… this was my conversation with Leo after he arrived back from his trip to Haiti with the November team. It was so hard for me “not to be there”. It was so hard to hear all about the new kids and the stories that go with each trip. I just wanted to be there!  Thanksgiving is not a major holiday for us Brazilians; even more so after my mom died (4 years ago) on Thanksgiving day. It is DEFINITELY NOT my favorite time of the year, so being in Haiti was all I could think about and exactly what I needed!!!

Haiti, here I come! Everything was great with the preparation and of course nothing left but the anticipation. I got really excited when I heard Jenell would go with me. I could not believe it. I thought to myself, “Just one more person that got the “bug”!! – how awesome!” I could not have chosen anyone better to spend these 6 days with. I got to know her on a whole different level; from laughing, crying, riding trucks, hiking, getting “some” tickets and more. All of them great memories! I came back with one final conclusion:  ATTITUDE!!!

Your attitude toward Life will determine what kind of life you will live…

How can I describe my time in Haiti?  The trip was everything I expected; I was happy, I was in peace, I was where I was meant to be!!! This trip was different than the other trips I had been on. There were things that I had and wanted to do; like getting to know each kid, getting to know each translator on a different level (going to their houses and seeing them live in their everyday lives). I wanted/had to see the school with my own eyes. I went to previous patients’ houses,IMG_1547 just socializing with the people; talking with them nicely, but being firm when I had to be. All in all, just trying to give these people HOPE! I want to show them I am here to help, but I need them to “help me, so I can help you!”.  I was “welcomed” everywhere, which was unbelievable!!

Playing with the kids, dancing, running, laughing; Just something I really needed!!  I got more than I gave for sure!!!!

Time to come back to FL… I was so happy that even some “non- planning” issues that happened while driving home could not alter my “Good Mood”! (In the past this situation would have left me so stressed). I just had to laugh about it, after all…life is all about your ATTITUDE… right Jenell??

And for Leo and the kids, I want to thank you for letting me go! I Love you guys SOOOOOOOOO much!!!

And for my friends in Haiti… I will be back in 6 weeks…

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