Guiga Vieira Testimonial – September 11 Team

IMG_0472Why do I keep going back to Haiti? Believe it or not, in Haiti I feel like I can be me; the true “ME”. Being in Haiti takes me (Guiga) back 40 years ago when I was born, knowing that each and every person deserves a chance.   Being in Haiti allows me to feel the purest feelings from deep inside without having to worry about anything at all.  I can cry when it is needed and laugh when the silliest situation presents itself.  When I’m in Haiti I just get to “Feel”.

People, who get the chance to travel with me to Haiti, experience “Me” on a completely different level other than knowing me day to day.  You will not fully understand what I am talking about unless you choose to travel with me to Haiti.  Yes, there are many opportunities for you to sign up and be a part of such a life changing experience.

Just when I think we have reached the limit of possible patients for a team to treat; another amazing team comes and surpasses the goals and expectations!  Over 1500 patients seen in the little amount of time that we are in Haiti is truly

UNBELIEVABLE!   Not only is helping the Haitians amazing and rewarding; the memories and life-long friendship of the team members will last a lifetime and the patient’s individual stories.   Memories like the fan that became a blow dryer; the baby with fused fingers, “The Eagle” while talking in the evening, “life coach” opportunity, Nutella with Pretzel, brushing teeth/airplane, RUMIKUBI, “The Dare”, many kids praying and beingDSC05392 thankful for the little bit they do have, many of us just crying; or should I say, letting whatever feeling we have come over us.  REAL, RAW Emotions!

Each and every trip is unique, however I guarantee there will be laughing, crying, working, sweating, waiting, more laughing, playing, exercising, climbing, hiking, more sweating, laughing again, hugging, questioning, and more laughing.  Talking to a very special lady on this trip, I told her that the most important and inexpensive medicine available is LAUGHTER!   All this time and energy I am investing in “People for Haiti” is to turn my dream into a reality!  Each and every medical trip taken to Haiti gets me closer and closer to achieving my dream.  I would like to say “Thank You” to each and every one of you that has contributed to this cause and being a part of “MY” Dream.  Without all of you, this would not be possible!

I am looking forward to the next team, old or new team members, and the next trip to Haiti.

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