Dr. Pinkal Patel’s Testimonial (July team)

IMG_1952I have been in many mission trips in the past, but none as enriching as this one. People for Haiti provided me with not only an opportunity to help the locals in need, but also experience the warmth, resiliency and great spirit of those who have been through so much.  We saw close to 1000 patients, but always seemed to find time to talk to the locals or play games with the orphans.  How a group of people who have lived through so much despair, and still have a warm smile and open heart is inspiring to say the least.  They are truly greatful for what they have, and do not complain over what is not in their reach. It is often said that, the one who gains the most is the one who give.  In this case, absolutely true.  By donating a few days of my life, I hope we were able to touch a few lives, but the people we served will likely never realize how much more I recieved in return.  Thanks to the People for Haiti Crew for such a wonderful experience.

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