Dr. Mike Szostak Testimonial – November Team

This was my 2nd trip to Haiti but it was just as impactful in my life as the first time I went 14 months ago. The difference this time was that I was able to share the experience with my 14 year old son, Christian.  I have been asked why I would go to another country to help people when there are so many needy people in our own country.  We are all people with the same basic needs and desires. We are commanded by God to serve one another…to treat others as we would like to be treated. This was the common thread by all the team members…service.

Fortunately, I was born into a family and a country where opportunities abound and there are services available to the needy. This is very hard to come by in Haiti. The most basic human needs of food, shelter, security and health care are scarce.   Technology and innovation are abundant all around us in the United States.  This is not so in many countries of the world.  As a physician in private practice, I have the privilege and opportunity to care for patients every day. I have gained an even deeper appreciation of human need and suffering through my missions experience with People for Haiti.  The medical clinics were full of people with acute and chronic diseases with limited access to appropriate medical care. With a surgical team on this trip, we were even able to provide surgical services in our “OR”.    Christian was able to experience part of our world that many don’t see and I believe it will stay with him for a lifetime.  He even had the opportunity to help out in the pharmacy and witness live surgeries, which is a big step for him since he is not a fan of seeing blood outside of the body.

It has been amazing to interact with so many people who have given time and resources in their lives to be servants to others.  It was wonderful to see Mike ands Bonnie Snider who are following God’s calling in their lives by serving the children at the Cabaret Baptist Children’s Home and to get a tour of the local school with Christa and Shasta.  There is a lot of work being done and to be done.

Thank you for the experience.

Michael Szostak, MD (Dr Mike)

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