Dr.Mark’s Testimonial – January 12

Day 4 - 48This was my third medical mission trip with People For Haiti so I was curious what that moment would be that changes everyone’s perspective on our personal lives and lives of the Haitians we care for.  I knew that there would be that one event that would put reality into our lives, but what would it be?  As we collectively sat around the dinner table, we were each asked to express our experiences and what these trips meant to each of us.  For the first timers, it’s very moving as each tears up with emotions that they never thought they would experience.  It quickly became clear that the moment that moved most of us was the lady who was brought into our first clinic in a dirty wheelbarrow by her son wondering why she woke up one day and couldn’t move half her body.  Can you imagine spending a year in a wheelbarrow, not knowing why you can’t move?  It was rewarding to find out that even though we couldn’t reverse the damage of her large stroke, we could give her a wheelchair to at least return dignity to her remaining days.  How incredibly special that was to the team.As the discussion continued, one of my colleagues presented the question, “were we even making a difference in these peoples unfortunate lives?”.   I pondered that question not only that evening but even after the trip concluded.  My thoughts are that People For Haiti is a great cause that certainly heDay 4 - 53lps each of the 1,356 Haitians that waited for hours just to speak for a few minutes with a healthcare provider that really cares about helping the less privileged.  We take for granted that everyday we have access to healthcare, reading glasses, sunglasses, Tylenol, vitamins and antibiotics.  We certainly made a difference in curing an infected ear of a young child, who without our help, might have ended up losing the sense of hearing.  How about the simple administration of vitamins to prevent diseases for hundreds of children?  Imagine the feeling of providing someone a pair of reading glasses and seeing that huge smile come across their face.   These are just a few examples of the differences we make and will continue to make in future trips.  I am proud to be a part of this fine organization.  As Guiga’s stepfather Willy told several of the orphans, “ If you do good things to people, good things will happen to you”.  I realize that the good things we do in Haiti, makes us all not only feel good in a rewarding way that words cannot express, but also allows us to make a difference in the lives of others.

So, yes we do make a difference! Yes, I will continue to make these missions a part of my life.

Won’t you consider helping People For Haiti?


Dr. Mark

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