Dr. Lonnie Klein’s Testimonial – November team

IMG_0082Two of the most fulfilling experiences of my life were my medical mission trips to Haiti. The November mission trip was my second one this year. I could not wait to travel back to reunite with the many friends I had made on my first visit in April. I was especially excited the see how the children at the orphanage had grown and flourished. I wanted to once again make a difference in the lives and health of the Haitian Community.  We had an amazing team that ran three busy clinics and a full operating room complete with OR supplies, experienced nursing, and anesthesia (thanks Christine!).

When we arrived in Port au Prince, not much had changed.  Even though I knew what to expect from my first trip to Haiti, the conditions were still deplorable. There is still so much work needed to improve the infrastructure, sanitation, water supplies, and basic health care needs. This most recent visit, I spent some time reflecting on my experiences in Haiti. It was inspiring when the team was asked to share our “moment of the day”.  I had some emotional moments, especially when I reflect on the sacrifices that many of the volunteers have made.

I am truly humbled by the devotion of our wonderful hosts, Mike and Bonnie, who have sacrificed so much to make the orphanage a safe, secure, and loving home to many children who would otherwise be homeless.  I had the privilege of meeting Christa and Shasta from T.H.E. Mission Haiti, who have traveled to Haiti for many years to help improve education and build a stronger Haitian community. I am so grateful to all of the translators. Without their dedication and hard work, medical mission trips such as ours would not be possible. Thanks so much to the board of People for Haiti  (Guiga, Leo, Robert, and Tammy)  for making this all possible.

I have already planned my next trip to Haiti for 2012. As Guiga says “No two mission trips to Haiti are alike!” Can’t wait!

-Lonnie Klein

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