Dr. Leo’s testimonial – November team

IMG_0201Another trip to Haiti, another whirlwind of emotions and feelings that are difficult to describe and put in words.

We were 14.  We came from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions.  Yet we also came together as one, bound by a mission to help those in Haiti.

The People of Haiti live in an impoverished country, under miserable conditions that are unimaginable by those of us who are fortunate to have been born in the U.S.

Upon arriving at Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port au Prince, one quickly realizes that things here are very, very different.  Those who have been here before, see small improvements in the structure of the buildings and airport staff.  Those who have never been, begin to wonder what they got themselves into.  But then they realize why we keep coming back to Haiti.  The people of Haiti… their faces, their stories.  That is what touches us all.  The realization that a 2 hour flight from the comforts of our homeland, lies a country and a people that seem so far away.  The things we possess seem to lose some of their value.  The things we take for granted become crystal clear, and suddenly, a view of ourselves and the world we live in comes in to focus.  It’s this liberating awareness that makes me come back time and time again.  That is what I call ‘Haiti Fever’.  If you come, you will get it.  I guarantee it.

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