Dr. Leo Vieira’s Testimonial – July Team

IMG_0265Another unforgettable medical mission trip to Haiti.  My first with Guiga.  Hopefully, not my last.

The group was diverse in it’s make-up, but we all shared one common goal: to help the people of Haiti.  In that sense, we can all say:  ‘Mission accomplished!!’  We were 12.  4 doctors and 8 volunteers.  We treated almost 1,000 patients and saw things that we will never forget.  The people we came across were humble, hopeful and thankful.  We shared moments of intense emotions and physical exhaustion, which brought us together and strengthened the bond of our group.

How can we forget… the children at the orphanage, the ride home through City Soleil, the spider, the clinic at the top of the hill, Mike, Stanley, Herby, Baby Lionel, Lucky, the smell of Port-Au-Prince, the smell in the plane, Dr. Freddy (? association of the latter 2), Dr. Jon’s missing Diet Mountain Dew, the armed police escort to the clinic on day 2 with 20+ nursing students amongst us, Marietta’s iPhone, the lost bag, INDIA!!!, the roosters, the dogs that crowed like roosters and the mules that barked like dogs, Obama village, Tammy and her guns, Dr. Pinkal ‘the Renaissance Man,’ Amanda and Jill, the mass grave, mangos, Ms. Guiga, the people of Haiti.

Much work remains to be done in Haiti.  The scope of their problems are too great for any one organization to solve.  The UN continues it’s hard work, and their presence is everywhere – providing aide and security while the country recovers from an earthquake just 17 months earlier.  Large NGO’s such as the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse and Habitat for Humanity have been there for years and have permanent facilities in place, to do what they do.  Then there are smaller groups such as ours, that contribute in smaller, yet meaningful ways, to help this nation rise and overcome so much misery.IMG_0226I would like to thank all of you who participated on this trip.  The 12 members of our group, those who stayed home, allowing us to go on this incredible journey and those who contribute to our organization in other ways, by raising funds, counting pills, or spreading the word.  Our organization would not exist if it weren’t for your support and dedication.

Every time I return home from Haiti, I feel one thing… that I have gotten so much more than I have given.  It’s what keeps me coming back, and I hope it will do the same for you.

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