Dr. Jon Nagy’s Testimonial (July team)

IMG_7341I felt I had a good idea what to expect upon my arrival in Haiti for my mission trip. I work with 2 of the
founders of People for Haiti, who are also doctors, and  they have been on numerous trips previously.
After each trip, I would get a rundown of the events of the trip, both good and bad.  Upon my arrival in Port Au Prince,  I was shocked at how much worse the city is than I imagined.  Words cannot describe the awful plight of the residents.  Tent cities go on for as long as the eye can see.
They have no sanitation system and piles of trash abound.  They have no sewage system and no running water.  The smell in the air is something i will never forget.  This made me feel that there was great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these people.  We saw 1000 patients during our time there.  Some we helped tremendously, and some we helped in smaller ways.  The one thing we provided for
all of them was hope.
As bad as that situation is, I was pleasantly suprised at the orphanage that was our home for 4 days.  The conditions are much better there than I had expected.  The kids are happy, healthy, and very well adjusted, considering what they have been through.  Their living conditions are much better than the vast majority of Haitians.  It made me proud that our People for Haiti mission was supporting an organization that provides so well for these kids.  My hope is that People for Haiti will be able to provide emotional and financial support for them for many years to come!

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