Dr. Freddy Alvarez’s Testimonial (July Team)

IMG_7245What an enriching experience!! I have to thank Guiga and Tammy (People for Haiti) for allowing me to participate in such a wonderful experience.  Their commitment to the children at the orphanage and to the people of Haiti is remarkable and exemplary.    The trip I took with People for Haiti was extraordinary.

Prior to leaving the States I was worried about contracting a food or mosquito borne illness.  What I came back with is no illness but rather “Haiti Fever”.  Haiti fever is doing something but realizing you can do so much more. There is so much need and you just want to help, whether it is making sure the kids in the orphanage have food or whether it is  wanting to make sure the 1000 patients seen have safe drinking water. I am appreciative to be able to have served even if it was for only a few days.

IMG_0060There is poverty in Haiti that words and pictures cannot describe.  But there is also hope.  On our trip there were many examples of despair but also many examples of hope. After one of our clinics we drove through one of the poorest and harshest regions in Port Au Prince.  I felt heartbroken for all those people. As we continued to drive towards the orphanage the bus was rather quiet as we all probably felt saddened by the sight of such poverty and inhumanity.  As we drove on we witnessed what had to be two sisters skipping through an open field as happy as could be just exploding with joy.  I will never forget the feeling of despair followed by the feeling of hope and joy.

Freddy Alvarez

  1. Marietta Parente
    Dr. Freddy- The bus ride followed by the two sisters running through the field is something I will never forget. You did an amazing job, I admire your heart. Marietta-

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