Dr. Dilip Ghanekar’s Testimonial – January 12

Day 4 - 45It has been two weeks since I returned from my second trip to Haiti. My experience on this trip was once again incredible and reaffirmed my commitment to PFH. The dedication of the PFH volunteers is humbling.

Some of the children that I remember from my last trip had gotten older. Some were no longer there. I was once again struck by the children’s need for close contact and comfort. As we travelled to different clinics and drove past different communities I came to realize that things are very slowly improving. The people, however, still need help.

One memory that will stay with me for a lifetime is that of a little 1 year old child who was very malnourished. Through an interpreter, I learned that the mother, who had another month-old baby at home, had no way of getting food.  Looking at the baby’s condition, it was obvious that without food the child would most certainly die. We were able to give the mother some formula for the baby. Many times, I wonder what is happening to that baby. It is disturbing to think of the possibilities. I know that in the future People For Haiti will be able to make a deeper and longer-lasting impact on the lives of the people of Haiti. I look forward to that future.

I am thankful to PFH for giving me an opportunity to help.  I will be back next year.

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