Dr. Dilip Ghanekar’s Testimonial (April)

P1020144I never really imagined the impact my trip to Haiti would have on me. I had always thought of volunteering for a medical mission but somehow life seemed to get in the way. When I heard about Leo & Guiga’s efforts to help the people of Haiti, the time seemed right and I decided to join their team. I have to admit that as my trip approached I was a little nervous but also excited about my adventure. I did not know what to expect.

The conditions in Haiti provided a stark contrast to our world in the US. Most of us have no shortage of basic necessities and even luxuries. For the Haitians, even the basics are hard to come by. Many of the patients we saw were malnourished, and it was especially difficult to see little children and babies who were wanting for food.  It was disturbing to think that I was providing such basic care; it did not seem like it was enough. As the days passed, however, I realized that what we gave our patients was more than medical help. Besides the medical help, we were giving these people a sense of hope.

It has been a week since we returned from Haiti. My experiences during this short trip were very uplifting. I came back with my mind refreshed, and my spirit invigorated.  Most of the credit for this experience has to go to Guiga and the April team members. It was an honor to work with this incredible group of selfless individuals. I look forward to working with them again.

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