Dena’s Testimonial – September 11 Team

CIMG1964Since People For Haiti was created 1 1/2 years ago, I have listened to many stories and read the testimonials of devastation, poverty and hunger and illness in Haiti. I just returned from my first mission trip with the 9/11 group.  And what a great group to spend my first mission with. The reality of everything I had heard and read could not even compare to what I actually saw with my own eyes.  How could this happen? How can people and children live this way?  What can I do to help or make a small difference to them?  I still need these questions answered. Will they ever be answered?

When we arrived at the orphanage, the kids couldn’t wait to see who was in the van.  Mama Guiga and Dr. Robert, two of their mainstays. The smiles were endless. Like they didn’t have a care in the world and all with their own stories of how they got there. The smallest things thrilled them. Bouncy balls released in their commons area to chase down or give them a sucker and you would have thought they were given  the best thing ever. Do you think our kids or grandkids would be satisfied with such a small gesture? NEVER!!! It is never enough for them. Speaking personally with my kids and grandkids and sometimes myself. The wish and want lists are endless. What I wouldn’t give for them to be given life lessons from these kids and people in hopes of change forever.  To be respectful to your parents and appreciate what they have and understand why they can’t have things and not be ungrateful. We can always hope.

Guiga said, “don’t go to the children, your child will come to you”. The day we got there he did. I felt something touch my hand, when I looked down there was thisCIMG1974 little boy with big brown eyes, long eyelashes and the biggest smile ever; from ear to ear.  He put his hands up in the air for me to pick him up. That’s all it took; I melted.  Dawinson is 4 years old. I’m in love with this little guy. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him like I would have liked, but we always found each other at the end of day after returning from clinics. I can’t wait to go back to see him.  May is so far away!

Three clinic days, 1512 patients, 4 surgeries. Your adrenaline runs so high that you don’t even realize  how many patients you have seen until you hear the numbers. What an amazing team we had for all this to become possible. None of which would be possible without Guiga. She is a God-send from heaven to do all she does. Bringing to life People for Haiti, organization of the trips, getting all the meds and supplies, packing the bags, getting the flights made, getting the interpreters, making us all laugh and have fun at the end of the day. But most of all NUTELLA TIME!!!!! How sweet it is!  Our doctors are and were beyond belief.  To me this was true patient care 100%.  I wish it was like this in today’s world, but times continue to change and seem to take away the care we like to give.  Almost 38 years in the medical field and many, many more to go.

This is the best gift someone could have given to me in my lifetime. Thank you to my new friends in Haiti. Special thanks to Mike and Bonnie for bringing us into their home.

So much to do, So little time!

Much love to all, Dena

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