Dani’s Testimonial – September 11 Team

IMG_0110It is very difficult to describe in words the Haiti experience.  So many emotions and feelings that are are difficult to define.

Everything originated from a desire, a desire to share.  To share with our brothers and sisters what we have, often times, too much of.  We have health, knowledge, energy and love.

In essence, that’s what People for Haiti is… a link to connect those who have something to give, with those that are in such dire need.  Congratulations Guiga, as these seeds that we sow will germinate and flourish in the lives of so many.  They show us what it is to smile for a simple hug, what it is to survive in utter chaos, without expectations, but to awaken to a new day, with a smile. Every day we heard the chants and songs of faith and praise for ‘Jezi’

During Sunday Mass, they were all there, dressed in their most beautiful and colorful dresses, in their most elegant suits, to praise and thank the Lord…. ThankIMG_0327 him for life.

I would like to thank and congratulate all of the doctors and volunteers for a job well done.  Thank you for this opportunity to make new friends and to share in this wonderful experience.


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