Christian’s Testimonial -November Team

This was my 1st missions trip ever. Haiti is such a beautiful place. However, it is sad that it is marred by trash and it has a lot of poverty. At the orphanage it seemed like a decent place, but then when I got out, I found how really bad the conditions are. People were living in tents and makeshift houses made of scrap material. On Saturday, a baby with a terrible lung disease came into the clinic. When I heard about this, I realized that about half the patients were children and even though they were just there for a checkup, almost all left with medicine. Once this realization came to me, I was aware of how good I have it in comparison. The kids in Haiti need more than they have.  This really changed my heart and I won’t be seeing things the same way again.

Christian Szostak (14 yrs)

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