Betty’s Testimonial – November team

IMG_0132As I reflect about the mission there are several things that keep coming to my mind.  I am amazed that people are still dying of anemia in the 21st century, when we have the means to correct this, although the Haitian people do no have access to the medication.  The women look a lot older than the age they tell you and the children are more mature than their age.  They have to grow up fast and take care of their younger siblings.  I was also amazed how stoic these people are.  They really don’t seem to complain about their plight but have a faith in God that things will be better.

One evening I went down stairs to the children’s area, where they were saying their evening prayers.  Everyone was in a circle and one of the women (I didn’t know if she was one of the Nanny’s or a person from the village) but she was chanting and saying prayers in Creole. I was standing outside the circle listening and watching, when a child about 3 years old came over to me, he took my hand and led met me into the circle to stand next to him. What faith and devotion these people have they have so little, still they give praise and thanks.  I thought to myself I was a complete stranger an outsider and yet this small child came to me and brought me into his world to listen to the prayers.

I had other heart warming and humbling experiences during the mission but, this will be the one I will always remember, a small child welcoming me into the circle and his world. ” The circle of love”!  If you take nothing else away from this experience but to be very thankful for what we have. Someone said one evening, “when you finish this mission it will be a life changing experience and a very humbling experience.

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