Amanda’s Testimonial (July team)

After traveling on the medical mission trip to Haiti, I now view life a little more differently than I once did.  Prior to the trip, to me the definition of beauty used to be based onP1030824 appearance, success used to be based on what you have, and wealth use to be based on the amount of money in your bank account.  This all changed after my first judgmental impression of Haiti.  At first glance, I saw Haiti as poverty stricken, over populated, and very unsanitary.  I was very nervous about being in this type of atmosphere and was definitely out of my comfort zone. This feeling quickly changed after getting to know the people.  I realized how kind, caring, and grateful they are.  To see the people so appreciative for the little things in life, things that we take for granted, is very humbling.  I only spent a few days in Haiti, but the experience has changed my life forever.  My definition of beauty is now based on whats inside, success is now based on helping people in need, and wealth is now based on something that is not tangible, but based on a feeling of love and happiness.  My experience was definitely enhanced by the amazing group of individuals that I got to share this adventure with.  I believe that everyone should try to experience a third world country once in their life because it will make you appreciate what you have a lot more and make you complain a little less.  So thanks again to People For Haiti for allowing me this opportunity to not only help the people of Haiti, but to experience something so amazing and life touching.

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