Let’s keep up!

Hi everyone,
Now that the application for the Non Profit has been mailed to the IRS, the only thing we can do is wait.
In the mean time, we can start fundraising, and hope to get our 501C3 number soon. A lot of people are emailing me to ask how they can help, so here are some ideas:
* You can make a monetary donation here on our blog. All the money donated is used to purchase medicine/medical equipment. (Any amount is greatly appreciated and can be tax deductible)
* You can tell your friends to join our Face Book Cause. (click on the Face Book area here on our Blog and you will see the “cause” ad on the top) – we need more people to join our cause… our goal is to have about 1,000 by the end of February. Face Book allows you to invite 60 friends per day… so HELP US HELP THEM!
* If you know anyone affiliated with the media (Newspaper, TV, etc)… tell them about us. Now that it has been 1 month; Haiti is no longer on the front of the newspaper or on the news. We need to help others stay aware of their on going devastation and their daily situation due to this horrific earthquake.
* IF you have a business, or know someone that does, please ask them if they would like to hold a fundraiser for “People For Haiti”. Once we have the 501C3 number, we would be able to provide the business a letter for tax purposes.
* Are you or do you know an Accountant that can help me keep up with all the donations, expenses, etc????
* And of course, Any and ALL Prayers needed!
The items listed above are just a few examples of how you can continue to help me make “People For Haiti” a success. Any help is really appreciated!
Leo is constantly in touch with his contacts in Haiti trying to set up the next trip. We are still not sure if it will be this month, next month, etc. Before going we need to make sure we have all the logistics ready so the trip can be effective. I will keep you all posted!
I also get a lot of calls asking if we are accepting clothes, food, etc… and unfortunately the answer would be “NO”. For a couple of reasons. One: I don’t have space to store all the donations. Two: We have to make sure we will have a “way” to send this to Haiti. One of the major problems now is that nothing is “arriving” where it is supposed to. Three: Monetary donations give us the flexibility to negotiate a better price for any items they may need, such as medicine, tents, etc.
Like I said, I will keep all of you posted. I just want to personally Thank You all for the support. Please don’t let time erase Haiti and it’s people from your memory… it will take decades before they can be on their own again!

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