Keles – the “big boy”

Hi everyone,

Keles 1As a lot of you guys know, I followed in love with this adorable boy name Keles…. He is adorable!! ┬áLoves to walk naked, is always smiling and very charming!!

A friend of mine, that adoped a child from this orphanage about 1 year ago, was there in 2007 when the police brought Keles in… and here is his story:

Keles has an awful, but amazing story. In Sept. a couple went out early to work in a sugar cane field an found an abandoned baby tied to a tree. Surprisingly, the baby was in fairly good condition. They took the baby into Cabaret and brought him tomedical clinic 021 the police & to the judge. The police were not able to locate the parents, but the couple told the judge they would continue to care for him. Just one month later a man brought the same baby boy to us. Apparently the couple decided there was more to caring for an infant than they thought. They also abandoned the baby and took off. The man was a neighbor and brought him to the orphanage because he didn’t know what else to do with him. Rusty and Micheline went to talk to the judge about the situation, and since it was not a working day for city officials, were invited to his home. He was grateful that we were willing to accept the baby and provide a home for him. Since the office was closed we couldn’t immediately get the paperwork on him, and so we didn’t know his name. I think he looks just like a Cabbage Patch doll, so I started calling him “Patch”. The Nannies didn’t like that name at all, so they suggested waiting on his papers, and have refused to call him anything but “new baby”. Micheline finally learned that his name is Keles. I still think I’ll call him Patch!

Keles is probably 6 – 8 months old as he doesn’t yet have teeth or crawl or even sit well unassisted- but he is quite a chubba-wubba for a Haitian baby! Fat & happy- keles2who could ask for anything more!

They estimated him to be 6 months old in the fall of 07 so that would put him being born around April 07 – he might have just turned 3 years old. Birthdays or lack there of were one of the things that broke my heart about Haiti. In America, the BIRTHDAY and the party and the gifts are all so important. On our first trip we participated in the monthly group birthday party. Some of the birthdays are estimates and some are purely guess work, but none the less…every kid in the Bercy orphanage celebrates NO matter the DAY of their birth. We were so fortunate to have the information on Clifford and to know his mom! I don’t take that for granted!

Based on your own knowledge of child development and being a mom can you guess that Keles might be 3 or almost 4???”

Thanks so much Karin for the info on Keles… unbelievable his short life story… and still… this boy is always smiling, running, playing… like any other 3-4 yrs boy!

I can not wait to see him again in May!!!


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