Donation to Wilguens’ surgery

Hello everyone,

IMG_0771On Saturday we had the pleasure to have here in our house with us, Mike and Bonnie Snider (the missionaries that live in Haiti). They are here in the USA visiting their family, and they found time in their busy schedule to stop by here…. we had such a great time, talking and remembering all the things from Haiti.  They told us that Wilguens, the 12 years old boy, from the Orphanage, had a broken arm and his cast was put on wrong.  Therefore, after visiting a private doctor in PAP, it was determined that he will need surgery… but they were waiting to collect $2,000 for the surgery…. Leo and I, at the same time, decided to donate, from PFH funds, the money for the surgery!!  They were very happy, and here is the email I just got from them:

Dearest Guiga and People for Haiti,


Thank you so much for contributing $2,000 USD for Wilguens Darisme’s orthopedic surgery due to a dislocation in his arm.  It was great to visitwith you over the Christmas weekend and talk about the upcoming schedule in January and April, 2011.

You are always there for our kids and community and we appreciate all your help over this past year!!!

Mike and Bonnie Snider
Cabaret Baptist Children’s Home
Bercy, Haiti

We were very happy to be able to assist another boy with our funds… so, thanks everyone for all the donations!!  Once again, People For Haiti is making a difference in someone’s life.  They will inform me the date of the surgery and I will keep you all posted!!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!!


  1. Guiga Vieira
    After all, Wilguens did not need surgery! But the funds we gave to him, has been used for physical therapy... and he is recovering a little more every day!!! Keep the hard work Wilguens!!!

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