Cholera Outbreak In Haiti

Just want to let everyone know that People For Haiti is aware of this problem and below is a helpful guide:

Cholera is diarrheal disease contracted by consuming water contaminated with a particular bacterial that attacks the intestine. It can be fatal. Symptoms are fever and “rice water” diarrhea, light brown/tan colored, very watery stool with mucus commonly produced at a rate of over a liter per hour.

At this time, there is nothing we at PFH can do. While ciprofloxacin, bactrim DS and azithromycin are effective against Cholera, they can actually worsen other diarrheal conditions so empiric treatment by non medical persons is not advised. Those suspected of having cholera (especially children under 5 years of age) should be taken to a hospital immediately as IV fluids is a crucial part of the treatment in addition to antibiotics. While a medically trained person can make starting an IV look easy, there are many potential complications if you are not properly trained. It would be tragic to give someone suffering from Cholera another medical problem to fight at the same time.

Preventative measures are the best bet:
*drink, cook and brush teeth with only clean, decontaminated water.
*washing/disinfecting your hands before eating and after using the restroom.

People For Haiti is still raising money needed to buy a new water system that JBA is presently researching to purchase and install.  We hope to accomplish our $15 Thousand dollars goal soon.  Will keep you update on the water system and thanks to everyone that had donated to it!!

We are in the process of assembling our January team, but remain available to answer any questions.

Robert J. Ferreira, MD and Guiga Vieira
People For Haiti

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