1075 Patients….. another successful trip!!!

As we are getting ready to leave…. just want to let you all know, that we had another successful trip…. 1075 patients were seen.  The team was awesome!!  Everyone worked very hard and had different roles.  Among those patients, we brought with us to the orphanage, a 10 yr old boy (Nic) with meningitis…. and yesterday a woman came to the orphanage in labor…. unfortunatly the baby did not make it… she was only 24 weeks… it was sooooooooooo sad… but at the same time, incredible that we are able to save lives!!  Mom would had not survived had she been home……

Will upload pics and videos when we get back… connection is not very fast here!!!

Thanks so much for each one of you guys that made this trip possible.  I look forward to sharing everyone’s testimonials with you so you can see everyone’s perspective!!


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