Haiti Trips

Would you like to join us on a volunteer mission?  Our teams are made up of approximately twelve volunteers. While we reserve half our space for medical personnel, we welcome adults of all ages and skills to join us.

100% of the trip costs are the responsibility of the volunteer traveler and you are required to fly in and out with the group.  Flight prices vary, but are typically around $500/person.   The total trip cost per traveler varies, but is approximately $1000 and includes the flight, lodging, ground transportation, translators, security and food.  You must have a valid passport.

You will be asked to check one or two suitcases, each with 50 lbs. of medication and supplies. All of your clothing and personal items will be taken in your carry-on (up to 45 lbs) and your personal item.

You are encouraged to help us with fundraising activities to support our mission.

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