In its short existence, People for Haiti has helped hundreds of Haitian citizens who are still suffering the consequences of the January of 2010 earthquake.

We’ve helped get thousands of doses of medicine to people in need, delivered hundreds of tents to the displaced, and provided emergency care for many Haitians.

But our work continues and we need your help.

Our trips are 100% funded by each individual traveler. This means those who choose to volunteer in Haiti pay for their tickets, their own food, and do not get paid for several days of missed work back at home.

Your donations do not cover our travel expenses. Rather, they go to the most important cause: getting vital supplies on the ground.

We welcome any donation amount: whether it’s a small jar of pennies (that might help children get a month’s dose of vitamins) or a large check that is written after a major fund-raising activity (that might buy a village’s entire water filtration system). We ask that you give what you can, as often as you can.

We also welcome your time. If you have a special skill or trade that you think will help us, let us know. Our volunteer network is made up of lawyers who’ve helped us incorporate, accountants who watch over our books, and students who help collect letters of encouragement from fellow students that we take to Haiti.

We also take donations of supplies, but we no longer need syringes and gloves.  At this time, we need:

  • Infant Advil & Motrin (liquid)
  • Kids Tylenol, Advil & Motrin (meltaways preferred)
  • Adult Tylenol, Advil & Ibuprofen
  • Triple antibiotic cream
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Gas relief pills
  • hats/visors  (given away during clinics)
  • small stuffed animals  (given away during clinics)

Your donations to People for Haiti are tax deductible!!!