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Our third trip to Haiti is in the calendar! On March 28, a new group will go to Haiti to spend a week at the Cabaret Orphanage. Our goal is to see 300+ patients a day and to provide assistance to over a 1,000 people in the community.

In its short existence, People for Haiti has helped hundreds of Haitian citizens who are still suffering the consequences of the January earthquake. We’ve helped get thousands of doses of medicine to people in need, delivered hundreds of tents to the displaced and provided emergency care for many Haitians.

But our work continues and we need your help. Our trips are funded by each individual traveler. This means that those who choose to volunteer in Haiti pay for their tickets, take their own food and do not get paid for a week of missed work. Your donations do not cover our expenses. Rather, they go to a most important cause: to get vital supplies on the ground.

At this time, one of the most basic vital needs in the community we are helping is access to clean, safe drinking water. Because of the damage to the wells, salt intrusion is making the water undrinkable.

Our goal is to purchase a 10K-gallon water desalination system that will provide an entire community with fresh, clean water for years to come. The filter costs $15,000. And while it’s an ambitious target, we hope your generous support will help us reach our ultimate objective: to help the people who need it most.

Any contribution is welcome, whether it’s forgoing a latte and sending us $5, or helping fundraise for larger amounts through your networks of friends and family.

Our paperwork is at the IRS – and they’ve cashed our check, which means the wheels are turning! As soon as our non-profit status is cleared, we hope to provide everyone with retroactive tax-deductible receipts.

Please help us help them. Contributions can be sent to the below:

People for Haiti

2132 Flameflower Court

Trinity, FL 34655

And stay in touch with us through our websitewww.peopleforhaiti.com so you can see how your help is directly impacting lives on the ground.


Leo & Guiga Vieira

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