Jenell’s Testimonial – Haiti Thanksgiving 2011

“I jumped on a once in a life time opportunity to see Haiti in a special way with a special lady! This trip was amazing and humbling beyond belief. From downtown Port a Prince to an hour hike up the mountain to see an amazing school and tree. Through the villages and into the hom
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Guiga Vieira’s Testimonial – Haiti Thanksgiving 2011

“Really?  You won’t mind if I go?”… this was my conversation with Leo after he arrived back from his trip to Haiti with the November team. It was so hard for me “not to be there”. It was so hard to hear all about the new kids and the stories that go with each
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Dr. Jon Nagy’s Testimonial (July team)

I felt I had a good idea what to expect upon my arrival in Haiti for my mission trip. I work with 2 of the founders of People for Haiti, who are also doctors, and  they have been on numerous trips previously. After each trip, I would get a rundown of the events of the trip, both goo
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